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Forget SwingLifestyle! 10 reasons why you should use SLS Swingers.

SwingLifestyle is a popular site for swingers to connect with each other online, share their experiences, and meet for sex. However, we're here to tell you why SLS Swingers is better. We've worked hard to make the best possible swingers community on the internet.

What's the swinger lifestyle all about?

It's about passion, desire, and fun. It's about people being free and open to new ideas and experiences. It's about being part of something unique and special.

You can tell that's what we believe in by the name of our website - SLS Swingers. We want people to be a part of something that's more than swinging - we want them to be a part of a lifestyle that's passionate and free-spirited. It's about meeting other people in a relaxed environment. It's about meeting people in the real world. It's about being open and friendly and having a sense of community.

There's also the fact that you can meet people who are of similar age, gender, or sexuality as you, and also have a shared interest - sex, the outdoors, kinky things, etc. So it's about having some variety and also feeling that you've found a group of people who share your interests.

We don't think that you need to have sex at the drop of a hat, or be willing to meet anyone in real life, in order to find others who share your passions. That's not what the swing lifestyle is about.

We know that not everyone feels that way about swinging - but we do, and that's why we're here! It's about having a sense of freedom, so we're here to help people who are already swinging, but who are also looking to meet new people to share experiences with.

What is SLS Swingers?

SLS is a community that's been built around the principles of swinging.

We know that swinging is a lifestyle that involves sexual activities, and we're here to help people who are open and honest about sex, so they can find others who share their passions.

The first thing you should know about SLS Swingers is that it's much more than a regular dating site. It's a virtual swingers club. On this site, people actually meet in person to hang out. It's like having a real-life adult swinger lifestyle experience right in your own backyard.

It's a real community of friends that like partner swapping, and people that enjoy a more genuine and honest lifestyle. It's what we call "real swinger lifestyle" - the real deal.

What is SwingLifestyle

The SwingLifestyle website was started in 2007 by a few friends. They started sharing their stories and experiences with each other and began to meet on their own.

Over time, they began to grow the community, and the community grew to what it is today. People have found this lifestyle to be the best experience to date. It's fun, and exciting, and sexy as hell!

Why SLS Swingers is better than SwingLifestyle

Here are a few of the features that set SLS Swingers apart from sites like Swing Lifestyle or FabSwingers. They're some of the best things you'll find on any swinger website. While the SwingLifestyle team does a great job, we strive to do better. Not only premium members get these great feature, but everyone!

Membership Is Free

One of the most important things that sets SLS Swingers apart from SwingLifestyle is that you're not going to have to spend any money to join. This is important because it gives you the confidence to use this site without any limitations.

It also means that there's no cost to use this site if you decide to hook up and have a night out with someone. There are no membership fees, and no hidden charges. You're going to be in complete control, and have full access to everything that's available.

The Best Mobile Experience

Another major difference from SwingLifestyle is that you'll have an enhanced experience on the go. That means you can be using your phone while you're swinging in the back of a taxi or sitting in the park and doing some secret swinging. You'll have all the features available, and you'll be able to check out new features and updates as they come. It's a great way to stay connected with people on the go. The SwingLifestyle mobile app can't compare.

Better Swinger Chat Rooms

One of the best things about SLS Swingers is the online chatrooms. You can talk to people from all over the world, and all the messages and conversations are automatically sent through private messaging. It's a great way to keep in touch with people, and make friends that have a lot in common with you.

If you ever need someone to swing with or are looking for a hookup partner, you can search through thousands of swinger profiles to find the people who are right for you. You can also search for your local swingers or active users, and even hook up with local people right now!

Make New Friendships

If you're a regular swinger, you know that meeting people is a huge part of the experience. There are two reasons this is important: first, meeting people is what makes a swingers community. Second, it allows swingers to be themselves - not just someone trying to pretend they're like everyone else.

People on SLS Swingers are friends. They're friends that will be there for you when you need them, they're friends that understand that some things are just not meant to be shared with the general public, and they're friends that are not going to judge you or judge your lifestyle.

People on SLS Swingers are real people that just happen to enjoy an open and honest lifestyle. You can feel free to be yourself and connect with people that get you. We strive to be a more diverse community than SwingLifestyle.

Private Meetings

There's no shame or stigma in swinging, but people are very nervous when they share that with others online. They want to meet people who they can be real with, and have the freedom to be honest with people that they're attracted to.

With SLS Swingers, we respect your privacy. We won't ask you to share any information with us that you aren't comfortable sharing with others. We understand that there are some things that people don't like to share, and we're happy to respect that.

Better Live Webcams

SLS Swingers offers live webcam models! You can use our live webcams to meet people in your area that are looking for swingers. There are cam models that are online 24/7, as well as others that are online on select nights and times. You can also meet swingers online at the swinger clubs we partner with - and you can choose which one you're going to meet at!

Tons of Private Photos

If you're a member of SLS Swingers, you can access and view hundreds of sexually explicit images and private photos! The photos you can access can be anything from pictures of a member's bedroom to nude photos. Some people use this feature to connect with each other, and others use it to find swingers in their area!

Exclusive Live Events

We have local events available on weekends, in private clubs, and at some of the best resorts in the United States. These events are where you can meet people in the swinger community, and share experiences with like-minded people! You'd be surprised how many swingers are near you.

Free Users Can Sends Messages Too

If you're a free member, you can message swingers for free on SLS Swingers. You can send unlimited messages, and you can even view free webcams too! Don't worry about the membership price, since you can get all of this fore free.

Better Than Any Dating Site

SLS Swingers has all the features we've just talked about, and more. We offer free chat rooms, events, and private photo galleries. There's no comparison. SLS Swingers is better than SwingLifestyle or any dating services.

The Drawbacks of SwingLifestyle

Although SwingLifestyle is a great site and very popular, there are some drawbacks too. Here are a few of the biggest ones:

Too many fake profiles.

SwingLifestyle has thousands of fake profiles. People are able to register on the site for free, and then make a fake profile to get a large following. The problem is that this is a pretty big red flag for anyone that is looking to meet swingers. You might find yourself getting matched with a fake SwingLifestyle accound, and not the real people you want to meet. This can be discouraging for the beginning of any swinging relationship.

Fake testimonials.

A lot of people on the SwingLifestyle community make testimonials on their profile. These testimonials are often false. While we don't think they're malicious or anything, these testimonials can get very misleading to people. A good tip to do this is to watch the profile for a little bit before you meet.

People that join SwingLifestyle through a paid membership will be charged $19.95 monthly for their SwingLifestyle account. Free members have limited functionality. This isn't a very good deal if you're looking to meet swingers in your area.


Free Membership Features of SLS Swingers

Here are a few of the unique features of our site that SwingLifestyle members are missing out on. You'll get to enjoy all of this as a free member, no premium membership required.

Live Events

We hold live swinger parties every weekend at some of the best resorts and swinger clubs in the country. These are events that you can attend, and get to meet new people for sex.

Live Chat

We also have a live chat where you can talk to people that are in the area with you. It's like having a real conversation with people that you're meeting for sex.

Private Meetings

SLS Swingers allows you to set up private meetings where people can show you around their resort. You won't have to worry about the person that you're meeting having a bad time, or being uncomfortable, because you can get to know them first before meeting for sex.

Private Chat

We also have a private chat feature, so that people can share details about their lifestyle with other people. This is a very popular feature because it's a great way to get to know each other before meeting for sex.

Profile Information

We allow people to share some personal information, like their likes, dislikes, sexual orientation, and real names. This can help you get a sense of what it's like to meet people that are similar to you, and can make the whole process easier.

You can also set your age to a range that's more accurate than your birthday. If you say you're between 32 and 38, then your age range will adjust to match this. This helps people find you when you say you're between that age, instead of trying to describe your age more accurately when you're not.

You can also share some basic information about yourself, like where you're from, where you're from, and what you like.

Photo Albums

We also have photo albums, where people can share pictures with you. People are more likely to want to share a picture of themselves if it's one of their friends, or if it's a picture of them doing something fun and sexy, so we offer a number of options for you to choose from.

Swinger Forums

We have an active swingers forum that you can visit anytime. It's a great way for you to share your experiences with other people in the community and get to know the active members better.

Social Groups

SLS Swingers is a social club. This means that there's lots of people looking to meet new friends in the local area, or connect with people from around the world. This feature gives you the ability to hang out with people from your city, or people that are near you in the area. It's a great way to make friends and meet new swingers who are around the same level of experience as you.

Why not use dating websites to meet swingers?

Although dating websites are great for meeting people for sex, there is a lot of fake activity on those sites. People often make fake profiles and put a bunch of misleading information on there to make themselves look better than they actually are.

The reality is that you can be on a dating site and look around, and you won't be able to find what you're looking for, because of fake profiles and people that put misleading information on their profile. This is very frustrating, and it's a common issue on almost every online dating site.

Dating websites are not designed with the swing community in mind. On many dating sites, only paid members get access to features like messaging, but here free members can also take part in the sexual revolution. A good idea is to avoid dating sites, and go directly to SLS Swingers, Fab Swingers, or SwingLifestyle to find the swingers you're looking for.

Is SwingLifestyle safe?

SwingLifestyle in general is a safe site, but you should always be careful when talking to people online or meeting up. You don't know who you're talking to until you meet them in person. You can feel free to ask about someone else's background if you're not sure about them, and you can make sure you don't give out any personal information (like where you live, what city you're from, etc).

If you're interested in meeting new people in person, SwingLifestyle is one of the best places on the internet for it. But SLS Swingers takes stronger action to keep the site safe and moderated. We're one of the few sites that actually ban any fake profiles or accounts. We keep a close eye on our members' accounts and keep things safe.

Are there scammers on SwingLifestyle?

There is one problem that does exist on SwingLifestyle. There are scammers and fake profiles on the site. It's very important that you do your due diligence before you choose someone to hook up with. We encourage you to use a dating site where people can check out your profile, and read your entire profile before they make the first move. If you spot any scam users on SwingLifestyle or other sites, please report them to the support team.

Should you use swinger sites?

If you're wondering if swinger sites such as SLS Swingers or SwingLifestyle are a good idea, we have to say that they can be. There are a lot of great people on swinger sites, and you can get to know a lot of people from there.

However, if you are using swinger sites, whether that's SLS Swingers or SwingLifestyle, it's still important to be cautious, and have your eyes wide open to what's happening. If you're a serious swinger looking to meet people for sex on a regular basis, and want to find a lifestyle that's real and that's safe, then you should use SLS Swingers instead.

SLS Swingers is a great way to find swingers that are in your area looking for sexual encounters. People on this site are not faking anything. The people on this site really do get together and love meeting new people in the swing lifestyle.

Rules To Follow In The Swinger Community

SLS Swingers is the only site on the internet that allows people to be themselves, and to express their lifestyle. Here are a few of the rules when participating in the swing community, whether it's offline, or on SwingLifestyle or SLS Swingers.

Be Honest

We want people to share the full experience that they have, and we encourage people to be honest and open about their lifestyle. If you want to express yourself fully, then be open about what you like, what you don't like, and what you enjoy doing.

Respect Others

We want to maintain a community of people who are open, honest, and respect other members. We don't allow people to be disrespectful or rude to others, so it's important that you don't cross those boundaries either.


It's a real community, and we understand that you may be tempted to meet other users that you've never met before. We want to make sure that you know what you're doing, so you're safe, and don't get into situations that aren't right for you.

Be Positive

It's a real lifestyle, and it's important that you don't use it as an excuse to be rude, or disrespectful. It's a way of life, and people that are respectful are a part of that lifestyle. If you want to be a part of that, then it's important that you practice positive thoughts, and share positive experiences.